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bejbi [bey-bee] verb 1. treat (your skin) as a baby; pamper or be overprotective toward.

Developed by BFF duo Francesca Marino and Eva Seta simultaneously from both the east and west coasts, bejbiskin is a skincare line created with the purpose of providing research-based ingredients that realize results. The years spent searching the market for a line that was fully effective and safe from harmful ingredients turned Francesca and Eva savvy to decoding ingredient lists. Realizing they were not entirely satisfied by anything on the shelves, they set forth to create their dream line of evidence-based formulas that yield change. The name, derived from the word baby, does not mean to strive for unrealistic time travel, but rather, to encourage awareness of what you are putting on your skin, and to pamper it with only the best, as you would a baby. With the commitment to only using the most researched and proven ingredients, a new brand is born for those science conscious customers seeking not another marketing claims based company. Made for expert consumers.

Francesca and Eva believe in dynamic products, with ingredients at effective levels, serving beneficial functions. No fillers, sensitizing ingredients or fragrance of any kind. The fact that there are such few brand options that cover these basics in a market that is so large drove the motivation to create bejbiskin.

Each ingredient used serves a functional purpose to the formulas. You will never find a filler additive or a marketing illusion, as every beneficial ingredient listed is used only at effective levels. All bejbiskin formulas are free of harmful ingredients tied to trends, alcohol, fragrance, witch hazel, rose water, essential oils, citrus oils, or any other skin irritants. Whether natural or synthetic, all ingredients are vegan, never tested on animals, and produced in the USA.

The bejbiskin promise is this: offer a wholly beneficial line, exceptional, quality formulas at accessible prices, with active ingredients that help show significant improvement in a short amount of time.

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